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Vinylux Manicure and Pedicure Warsaw

Vinylux Manicure and Pedicure Warsaw

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At the Easy Nails salon in Warsaw we offer you the following services from the scope of Vinylux manicure and pedicure:


Price / Price with the Easy Nails card

→  109 PLN / 99 PLN –  classic Vinylux manicure (one colour)

→  119 PLN / 109 PLN –  french Vinylux manicure

→  165 PLN / 149 PLN –  classic Vinylux pedicure (one colour)

→  179 PLN / 165 PLN –  french Vinylux pedicure

Nail polishes for Vinylux manicure and pedicure have properties similar to the hybrid ones, but they are applied like classic polish – without hardening in the UV lamp light, and removed without using acetone – the ordinary nail polish remover is enough for the home use.

At our salon in Warsaw in order to perform the vinyl manicure and pedicure we use the system of nail polishes:
– Vinylux Weekly Polish – this is the 2 in 1 product: colourful polish and the base at the same time;
– Vinylux Weekly Top Coat – product providing gloss and durability to the polish layer, hardened under the influence of sunlight.

We have a full range of Vinylux nail polishes. All colours introduced by the CND company are in our salon:)

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Polishes for Vinylux manicure and pedicure dry quickly (approx. 15 minutes) – by combining the base with polish the treatment lasts shorter than the one performed with classic or hybrid polishes.

Vinylux manicure and pedicure are performed with excellent polishes of the respected CND brand, available in the broad range of colours, which coincides with the range of hybrid Shellac polishes – because of this the selected colour can be used for performing, e.g., the hybrid manicure and vinyl pedicure.

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