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Hybrid Manicure and Pedicure Wroclaw

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We invite you to use the varied offer of services for the hybrid manicure and pedicure in our salon in Wroclaw:

 Price / Price with the Easy Nails card


→  139 PLN / 129 PLN –  classic hybrid manicure (one colour)

→  159 PLN / 149 PLN –  French hybrid manicure

→ to be agreed / to be agreed   –  fancy hybrid manicure

→  0 PLN / 0 PLN –  removing hybrid polish (with the next hybrid manicure)

→  39 PLN / 35 PLN –  removing hybrid polish from our studio (without the next hybrid manicure)

→  49 PLN / 45 PLN –  removing hybrid polish from different studio(without the next hybrid manicure)

→  195 PLN / 179 PLN – classic hybrid pedicure (one colour)

→  199 PLN / 185 PLN –  French hybrid pedicure

→  0 PLN / 0 PLN – removing hybrid polish (with the next hybrid pedicure)

 →  49 PLN / 45 PLN –  removing hybrid polish (without the next hybrid pedicure)

 →  49 PLN / 45 PLN –  IBX hybrid nail conditoner (without manicure)


Each hybrid manicure and pedicure treatment is started from properly shaping the nail plate, removing the skins and degreasing the plate surface. Only after performing these initial activities the manicurist applies the base, two layers of polish and the top layer – thanks to this layer the appearance of the nail gains the shine and depth, and the mere cover of the plate gets hard and resistant to abrasion. After applying each next layer, the nail is exposed to the UV light. This causes the hardening of the polish. During the irradiation the beautician does not stop the application of another layers on the nails of the other hand, what significantly reduces the duration of the manicure. The result is a beautiful colour with a gloss staying on the nails even up to two weeks after the treatment.


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 In our salon in Wroclaw you can choose from over 200 shades of hybrid polishes;

 We provide the 5-day warranty for the hybrid manicure and pedicure performed with our polishes and we correct all imperfections for free during this time.

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