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Japanese manicure and pedicure




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The extremely fashionable Japanese manicure and pedicure have been introduced to the offer in the Easy Nails salon in Wrocław. Please familiarise yourself with our offers:


Price / Price with the Easy Nails card

→  109 PLN / 99 PLN –  Japanese manicure P. Shine

→  179 PLN / 165 PLN –  Japanese pedicure P. Shine


If you belong to this group of people, which bets on the naturalness of the nail look, and at the same time you expect a very high aesthetics, we recommend the Japanese manicure and pedicure. These treatments can be treated as procedures:

  • therapeutic – they are worth using if our goal is the restoration of the beautiful appearance to our nails, if we want to strengthen them, eliminate splitting ends or regenerate the plate after wearing tips or gels;
  • styling – an excellent choice if our goal relates to the nails shining with the pearl glow and which are enticing healthy at the same time resigning from applying the polish.

A healthy, shiny nail plate is obtained without coating after performing the multi-stage procedure:

  • at the very beginning of the procedure nails are sawed and the desired shape is created;
  • at the second stage the nutritional paste is rubbed into the plate with vitamins A and E, bee pollen, keratin and silica from the Sea of Japan – the paste components stimulate the nail growth, smoothen its surface and strengthen it;
  • at the end the power is applied on the nail, thanks to which it gets the natural and healthy look, enticing pearl shine and depth and elegance.

In the Japanese manicure and pedicure all nursing activities are performed identically, like for the treatments in the classic form. The only difference is that the polish is not applied at the end of the treatment.


If you decide on the Japanese manicure or pedicure, then for about a month from the moment of performing the treatment the nails should not be painted – because the powder, which was rubbed into the nail plate causes its slipper effect, what effectively hinders or even prevents the adhesion of the polish.

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