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Male Manicure and Pedicure Wrocław

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Men, give your hands and feet in good hands – we invite you to the professional treatments of male manicure and pedicure to the Easy Nails salon in Wrocław.


Price / Price with the Easy Nails card

→   79 PLN / 69 PLN –  classic male manicure

→   95 PLN / 79 PLN –  therapeutic male manicure (with conditioner)

→   139 PLN / 125 PLN –  classic male pedicure

→   155 PLN / 139 PLN –  therapeutic male pedicure (with conditioner)

Male manicure and pedicure do not differ much from treatments dedicated to the ladies. Only because of thicker skin in men and the most often stronger tendency to keratinisation, sometimes other cosmetic supplies are used for these treatments. Manicure and pedicure for Men can be treated as therapeutic, care treatments supportive for the maintenance of hygiene and beautiful look of the hands, nails and feet.

The first stage of male manicure and pedicure is the softening of the skin in the bath and with the application of special preparations. The next step is the removal of skins by the nails and calloused skin on the feet. Only now the beautician takes care of the nails: saws them, giving them the desired shape, and polishes the plate. Treatments end with rubbing moisturising and nourishing cosmetics into hands or feet.


For the demanding there is a possibility to connect the male manicure with other treatments: in the SPA version and with peeling, with paraffin bath and massage. This variant is dedicated in particular to Men with damaged and chapped hand skin.

Male pedicure can also be connected with other treatments for feet, such as, e.g., Callus Peel – what is particularly recommended to men with hard and thick skin on the heels prone to cracking.

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