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Vinylux Manicure and Pedicure Wrocław

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Vinylux manicure and pedicure Vinylux offered in the Easy Nails salon in Wrocław are a series of modern treatments for those who value creativity.


Price / Price with the Easy Nails card

→  89 PLN / 79 PLN –  classic Vinylux manicure (one colour)

→  99 PLN / 89 PLN –  French Vinylux manicure

→  149 PLN / 135 PLN –  classic Vinylux pedicure (one colour)

→  159 PLN / 145 PLN –  French Vinylux pedicure

A perfect marriage of traditions and modernity, which is obtained thanks to the Vinylux manicure and pedicure results from the properties of the polish itself. It combines the features of classic and hybrid polishes. The Vinylux polish is easily applied and removed: for hardening the coat it is not necessary to use the UV lamp lighting (normal daylight is enough), and they are removed from the plate by using the traditional nail polish remover. The big advantage of the Vinylux manicure and pedicure is also the very fast drying time of the polish.

In the vinyl manicure and pedicure we use:
Vinylux Weekly Polish – 2 in 1 product, that is colourful polish which at the same time is the base;
Vinylux Weekly Top Coat – gives shine and durability to the polish layer, hardened in the daylight.

We respect individual preferences of our Customers regarding colours, therefore we are one of the few companies in Wrocław that offers you a full range of shades of the Vinylux colours in our salon.

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By combining the base with the polish, products for Vinylux manicure and pedicure dry quickly – already after about a quarter we obtain a solid and resistant coating. This makes the treatments last much shorter than those, which use classic or hybrid polishes.

For the Vinylux manicure and pedicure treatments we use proven, high-quality polishes of the recognised CND brand. Thanks to the broad range of colours each of our Customers will find the shade that is most suitable for him/her. Note: the range of colours of the CND brand polishes coincides with the range of hybrid polishes Shellac. This creates additional opportunities for beautifying nails, because in the selected shade you can perform, e.g., a hybrid manicure, and pedicure – in the Vinylux system.

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