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Paraffin on Feet and Hands Warsaw

Paraffin on Feet and Hands Warsaw

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At the Easy Nails salon in Warsaw we offer you the paraffin treatments for hands and feet of high efficiency and in attractive prices. For owners of the Easy Nails card we have also prepared attractive discounts.


Price / Price with the Easy Nails card

→  59 PLN / 49 PLN –  paraffin for hands

→  69 PLN / 59 PLN –  paraffin for feet


Paraffin treatments are a real panacea for damaged skin of hands and feet and an effective method for restoring a beautiful look of the nails. Throgh building a protective barrier around skin it softens and soothes skin. Nevertheless Paraffin Spa helps to moisturise and deeply nourish skin and facilitate the penetration of care components into skin, nails and cuticle. During the paraffin treatment your hands or feet are sunerged into liquid warm parafin, which slightly hardens on your skin, and stays like this under warming gloves for few minutes. The heat from paraffin stimulstimulates circulation, giving your hands or feet really youthfull look. After the paraffin treatment even the most damaged hands or feet are left soft, velvety to the touch and smooth.


Paraffin Spa treatment is recommended in particular during autumn and winter seasons; since it is a perfect therapeutic and caring treatment for hands and feet;

Although Paraffin Spa perfectly complements professional manicure and pedicure!

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