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SPA Manicure and Pedicure Warsaw

SPA Manicure and Pedicure Warsaw

39 Grzybowska Street, phone: +48 22 258 58 32

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The Easy Nails salon in Warsaw offers you SPA manicure and pedicure – treatments, which perfectly improve the condition of skin and nails of hands and feet. We have prepared an attractive discount for the owners of the Easy Nails card.


Price / Price with the Easy Nails card

→   145 PLN / 135 PLN – SPA manicure with paraffin (without painting)

→   179 PLN / 169 PLN – hybrid SPA manicure with paraffin

→   175 PLN / 159 PLN – SPA pedicure without painting

→   239 PLN / 225 PLN – hybrid SPA pedicure (one colour)


SPA Manicure and pedicure are dedicated to the most demanding Customers, who expect the comprehensive and long-term improvement of the appearance and condition of skin of hands and feet and suffer from dehydration, chapping, lack of firmness and elasticity of skin after treatments. During the SPA treatment we aim to improve elasticity and smoothness of skin and nails. These treatments perfectly combine classic manicure and pedicure with peeling, using moisturising and firming cosmetics. SPA manicure and pedicure begin with a softening bath. After removing the skins, calloused skin and nails sawing, the beautician performs peeling connected with massage and at the end applies a strong nutritional mask.


In order to enhance the effects of SPA manicure and pedicure the paraffin bath can be included to the treatment;

SPA treatments are therapeutic, caring and relaxing services for your hands, feet and soul;

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