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Not being able to paint your nails during pregnancy is a myth!

Many pregnant women stop taking care of their nails, fearing that the chemicals contained in the manicure products may harm their baby’s health. There are still many out-of-date publications on the Internet, which further increase the concerns of pregnant women. Nevertheless, modern production technologies of nail care cosmetics are increasingly leaning towards the elimination of harmful products and their replacement with organic or naturally occurring in the environment products. Future mothers, therefore, can safely use manicure treatments. They just need to know which preparations will be completely safe for them.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are often the cause of poorer condition of nails and hair.

During pregnancy, a lot of changes occur in the woman’s body, and they also affect the nails. Some women complain that their nails become brittle and break easily, and other women notice the opposite changes – their nail plate becomes strong and resistant to splitting. This is because each body reacts differently to hormonal changes. During pregnancy, women use a lot of supplements to help them stay healthy so that the baby doesn’t get hurt either. It is these supplements that can cause changes in the structure of nails and hair. After breastfeeding, most hormones stabilize and return to the pre-pregnancy state.

What to do to make nails less brittle during pregnancy – home care

If your nails are brittle and break a lot during pregnancy, you should take care of them more than usually:

  1. Try to file them as short as possible – don’t worry, on short nails you can also apply nail polish.
  2. If you do the manicure yourself, remember to file the nails across the plate and gently round the edges. Thanks to this treatment, the nails will not fray, and thus they will not catch, break, or split.
  3. Ask your doctor to help you develop a diet rich in vitamins, especially A, E, and B minerals. Avoid highly processed foods, they are not only harmful to hair and nails, but also to the mother’s and baby’s organism.
  4. Use natural nail conditioners and oils that have a simple composition and do not contain harmful substances. The same goes for nail polish. Choose those that are free of the following substances:
    • formaldehyde – causes frequent allergies, has a very bad effect on the skin, liver, respiratory system, immune system, reproductive and nervous systems;
    • formaldehyde resin – irritates the skin, eyes and lungs;
    • toulen – harmful to the respiratory, reproductive, and nervous systems, causes irritation and damage to the eyes and skin;
    • DBP (dibutyl phthalates) – harmful to the endocrine and nervous system, currently these substances are banned in Europe and cannot be used in cosmetics;
    • camphor – causes redness of the skin, may cause poisoning and sensitize;
    • xylene – causes irritation of the mouth and throat, headaches and dizziness, may cause heart and liver problems, and lead to kidney damage;
    • parabens – they cannot be used in products that cannot be rinsed off (so they will be good in washing powder, but not in nail polish).

Nail care at the salon

However, it’s best to leave your nails in the hands of specialists. In Easy Waxing, you can be completely confident that no harmful substances will penetrate into your body, because we use cosmetics that do not contain them. The varnishes we use are not tested on animals, and they are products with the so-called “3 Free” formula. This means that toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) have been completely eliminated from them. Instead of parabens and other harmful substances, they use ingredients of natural origin.

We work with professional brands: CND and SPN – we trust them, we know that they are safe for our clients. They work even on very short nails. In addition, the SPN brand’s protein bases allow you to build up the fragile nail plate, and are additionally enriched with nutrients that support nail growth. CND polish (Shellac and Vinylux) are safe even for people with numerous allergies.

We invite all pregnant or breastfeeding ladies for great manicure treatments. See you in our salons.

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